Smile your hottest fashion accessory

Just like an old saying, “it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile” although it is unclear if it’s really true. So no matter how gorgeously dressed you are or not, just put on a smile to balance it up.

Fashion is a general word and popularly used by everyone. It is a beautiful expression of oneself, mood, thinking, belief out of many others. It’s easy to tell the mood of someone when smiling and such person may be perceived to be accommodating.

Although, everyone has their own problems sticked to their heart but they keep their legs going. Don’t just smile but smile beautifully, a smile of faith that all will be better.

Also medically, it is perceived smiling is healthy because it release serotonin and other positive stress reducing hormones but it is much more anecdotal.

Apart from the health benefits, a smile compliment your fashion sense with a divine smile.

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